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“Help Me Help You!”

I use these famous words of Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire because they are perfectly appropriate. It is my goal to serve you in the best possible way through my blog. Thanks to you my readership has grown tremendously over the last year. As we move forward into 2013, it would help me to serve you better, if I had a clearer understanding of what you’d like. As you know my goal is to help a million people. This blog is one of the channels to make this happen. It is through your willingness to forward my posts along to others that the reach of this information grows and more people can be helped.

At the same time I am sensitive to the fact that you are busy. So my questions to you are quick and easy.

1. I tend to Post about five times per week. Is this too much or would it be better to post about three times per week?

2. The focus of the blog is “professional success” for everyone. My philosophy on success is a whole picture perspective that encompasses all areas of priorities in life. Therefore the content is a little about health, a little about working principles for success, and a lot about personal development and inspirational type topics. Do you like the mix? Is there any areas of content I should touch on more?

3. Do you prefer written or video?

4. Any other thoughts?

If you could take a second to respond by way of a comment that would be great. Any honest feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for following my blog and helping to spread the word!



Spread the love