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How do you become successful in your career?

The following Dilbert cartoon, from Dec. 6, 2102 gives an answer:

It’s important to note that I wrote “gives an answer” not the answer.

There are lots of answers to all questions. Some are more right than others depending on the situation, circumstances, perspectives, timing, etc. In this case, this is a way to advance your career, but the price for this advancement is ultimately too high.

What good is career success if it costs you things that are more important? In time, you would gladly give back all the titles and money, to reacquire your health and relationships. If they are even possible to reacquire!

The other downside to this answer, is that the success you would achieve at some point will begin to diminish as the health declines and the relationships suffer. No one performs intellectually at a high level when they are in poor health. No one performs at a high level when they are distracted by the emotional pain of a failing relationship.The energy and focus are simply gone in these cases.

True career success that is lasting and fulfilling will come when you have a balance of good health, strong relationships, and also success in your work. Having good health and good relationships make you a happier and more energetic person…the kind of people that are attractive in the workplace.

So work hard, and take care of your health and relationships, and you will be happily successful.

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