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I was absent here for a week as my site was worked on…

So fittingly, today’s post is about self-control or self-discipline (as a blog post four to five days a week takes this!). There is no doubt that self-discipline is an attribute that successful people have in common. Self-discipline and self-control are what we use to do what we need to do and what we have to do before doing what we want to do.

They are what we use to make the choice that leads to the long term win instead of the instant gratification choice that leads to the long-term loss. They are the muscle that throws procrastination out of the house.

And the best thing?

Anyone can develop a high level of both. All it takes is a little practice. I should know. I went from being completely undisciplined and out-of-control when I was younger to a highly disciplined person today. The more disciplined I became over the years, the better my life got. Start with little disciplines and commit to doing them daily for six weeks…this will help you develop discipline as a habit and confidence in yourself. Here’s a little nugget on the subject:


“Self-discipline is the most essential factor in the development of personal power, because it enables you to control your appetite and your tendency to spend more than you earn and your habit of “striking back” at those who offend you and the other destructive habits which cause you to dissipate your energies through non-productive effort that takes on forms too numerous to be catalogued in this lesson.”-Napoleon Hill


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