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Once you are Clear about Where you are, then you have to define what matters.

Yesterdays Quality of Life Assessment should have revealed quite a bit to you about what you would like to change or improve. Before you run off and start planning for how to improve you have to take the next step and decide what matters most to you. This means you have to prioritize.

Priorities are often moving targets because they can change based on circumstances and events. The key thing is to identify what are your true fundamental priorities. The ones that serve as your platform for living.

Here is a quick exercise you can do:

Take a few minutes and define your top ten priorities. Then think about two things; in order, which things do you spend the most time on, and then, in order which ones are the most important. Wherever you find a difference represents a disconnect that causes resistance and stress in your life.

Here is something to remember. When it comes to priorities that which you neglect will ultimately dominate you.

By definition, priorities are important. When you neglect something important, like your health for example, it will begin to fail you, and when it fails you, THEN it will consume your life. This is what I mean by the words “dominate you.”

To make establishing priorities simple, I break them down into five areas:

Property Manager (anything related to taking care of yourself)

Family (those living in your household)

Career (anything to do with earning an income or educating yourself to this end)

Extended Family (not living in your household)

Outreach (friends, community involvement, church, etc.)

Anything of importance can be dedicated to one of these five areas.  I prioritize in this way: property manager, family, career, as my top three. For you it may be different, but before you can begin setting meaningful goals you need to get clarity on this. So take some time, and reflect on this to establish you priorities…then we will begin to look at the goals.



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