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Once you know what you want, you have to create a clear target.

This means putting the goals you have written down into the form of a SMART goal. So take the goals you have created and put them through this filter:

Specific: Clearly define the exact description of what the goal is.

Measurable: How is this goal measured? What are the indicators that allow you to know you are achieving it?

Achievable:  Do you believe in it?

Reasonable/Relevant: Given your circumstances can you devote the time and resources to it? It should stretch you and require you to make some sacrifices, and if you do it can happen. It needs to be relevant to your values and priorities or it will be overrun by things that are.

Time: It has to have a specific date to be achieved.

Once the goal fits this parameter, you have a true goal that you can action plan for and make happen. The next post will be about this.


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