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“My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action. I will act now.”-Og Mandino

The most important step is the plan you will execute to accomplish your goals. This is called the action plan. This is the who what where how and when guide. Here are the things to consider:

When: This is the time piece. How many minutes or hours a week will you need to devote? Will it be something you need to work on daily? Hone this down to the amount of time specifically you will work on the goal and block this time. Your goal is in line with your priorities so anything other than a true emergency should never get in the way. Treat each goal as if you are employed in the work of achieving it. Clock in at the appointed time and work on it for the at least the allotted time.

How: What are the specific action steps you need to take to grow and develop this goal? Bring it down to the most basic steps of repetition. Remember, everything in life that is accomplished is done so through a process. Just like the farmer, you must prepare the soil, plant the seed, nurture and protect the effort, and then you will harvest. It is these basics that lead to the greatest successes and that will take you to your goal. Write them down so you know exactly what to do each day.

What: What are the resources you will use to accomplish this? Do you need only time and effort or do you need education or other hands involved?  Know what you need and plan for making it happen.

Obstacles and Sacrifices: What could get in your way? Figure it out now and plan for how you’ll deal with it. What will you give up? The reason I hit the area of priorities so hard is to make the sacrifices part easier for you. If it’s not in line with your priorities and it doesn’t advance you towards your goals, you don’t need it in your life this year. All the time you need to succeed is already available…its just being spent in other areas that aren’t adding commensurate value to you. Get rid of it.

This is a simple set of action plan instructions that you can take deeper based on the complexity of your pursuit. Obviously building a big company would be infinitely more detailed than this.

The last little tidbit here is about your head. Focus on the positive. Invest some time everyday in your personal development and look for the good in all things. A worthy goal will mean that you will have some difficulties….expect them and know that if you keep true to your commitment you will move through them in time. Stay patient, persevere  and persist and you will look back at the end of 2013 and be very happy with how far you have come. But don’t let the achievement be your happiness. Have joy in the journey. Enjoy and appreciate each day of the pursuit. This is where life is.

I wish you a fruitful and prosperous 2013. In His Glory and Many Blessings, Todd


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