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Napoleon Hill offers a Fabulous Creed…

“To train myself so that never, under any circumstances, will I find fault with any person, no matter how much I may disagree with him or how inferior his work may be, as long as I know he is sincerely trying to do his best.

“To respect my country, my profession and myself. To be honest and fair with my fellow men, as I expect them to be honest and fair with me. To be a loyal citizen of my country. To speak of it with praise, and act always as a worthy custodian of its good name. To be a person whose name carries weight wherever it goes.

“To base my expectations of reward on a solid foundation of service rendered. To be willing to pay the price of success in honest effort. To look upon my work as an opportunity to be seized with joy and made the most of, and not as a painful drudgery to be reluctantly endured.

“To remember that success lies within myself-in my own brain. To expect difficulties and to force my way through them.

“To avoid procrastination in all its forms, and never, under any circumstances, put off until tomorrow any duty that should be performed today.

“Finally, to take a good trip on the joys of life, so I may be courteous to men, faithful to friends, true to God-a fragrance in the path I tread.”-From the book The Law of Success 

Not always easy to follow, but worth the attempt each day.  

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