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To arrive at your next destination you have to know your current location.

I’m not too proud to say that I have never personally used a GPS system. However, I know exactly what they are and what they are for. They help you determine how to go from your current location to the place you would like to arrive. Often when we are looking forward and working to accomplish a goal, we forget how important it is to recognize where we ARE at this exact moment.

Have you established your personal location?

Not your physical address. Your current state of being. This is a crucial assessment to make in terms of accomplishing your goals. At your fingertips right now you have years of education and experience, personal abilities and resources, time parameters, and existing responsibilities and commitments. And of course, where your heart is and why you want what you want. These all make up your current GPS setting.

These have to be analyzed when setting the coordinates of your goals. If you skip this step then you are limiting your potential to achieve. You need to be able to best use your experience and resources. You need to be able to best account for, and plan to meet, your current responsibilities. And you need to be able to best use your present abilities and acquire whatever else you need. How can you do this without evaluating them.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but its important that you take a few moments and analyze your current situation in light of where you are trying to go. So if you haven’t done this…do it now.

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