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A Little Success can be a Big barrier to a lot of Success.

This might seem contradictory but it’s not. It is easy to become complacent once you experience a little success. This of course will lead to diminished effort, and subsequently diminished results. Today’s post isn’t about complacency though, its about another challenge a little success brings: the re-introduction of your inner teenager.

Your inner teenager is often not very teachable, tends to be a know-it-all, and looks for shortcuts to further success. You remember yourself as a teenager quite well I bet…and if you don’t, just look at your own teenagers if you have them.

You should constantly be focusing on how you can become a better person and improve in your pursuit. You should always be seeking new information, new ideas, and mentorship.

The most important part of overcoming the inner teenager is understanding that it exists. Then, each time going forward, when you are exposed to ideas or information, pause for a second and think, what might I learn here.

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