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You want a simple way to succeed in Sales and networking?

Focus on the two. Always focus only on the two.

Human nature proves over and over again that 20% of the people in the world make things happen. This is the two. The same two that fund the church that you go to, lead the charge in the company you work for, or drive positive initiatives in the community you live in. You can always count on the two to be the two and the eight to be the eight.

As it relates to building your business, its as simple as focusing on the two. At any given moment, assuming all ten need what you are offering, only two are likely to take action. The other eight are the ones who aren’t ready to act yet. You make your offer to all ten and, politely and nicely, accept the eight who aren’t ready yet, and put them in a “not yet” file and pour your energy into serving the two. Then go on to the next set of ten.

Too often I see people stuck on focusing on the eight. Trying to figure out how to get them to take action, or feeling bad because they aren’t. This is a waste of time and resources. Be glad the eight show you they are the eight…so you can focus on the two! Consider that you have let the eight know you are in business and in the future when they are ready to be one of the two, you will be there (this is a topic for another day, although you can learn about this in “The Process II”).

This is a key to success. Focus on the two…over and over.

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