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If you choose to, you can always go higher in any area of your life.

Its just not going to happen overnight. In reality, the more meaningful and significant things you aspire to in life will take the most endurance and patience and be the most worth it. They will make you reach higher as a person. They will make you become more as a person. They will provide the most fulfillment.

Regardless of your situation in life you have the ability to raise yourself up. You can go higher than any situation the world can throw at you. If you don’t believe me do some research and you will find that some of the most magnificent accomplishments came from people who started in circumstances much worse than yours.

A passage in Joel Osteen’s book “Become a Better You” talks about how when an eagle is flying, a crow will come up behind and begin to pester the eagle. Instead of spending energy fighting the crow or trying to outmaneuver the smaller bird, the eagle simply flies higher until it reaches a level that the crow cannot go.You are the eagle. The worries of the economy, the struggles of relationships, the challenges of small-minded people around you cannot hold you down unless you spend your time focused on them. You can choose to go higher. So go higher. The only thing you can change is yourself. Work on going higher and the people around you will fly higher too after a while.

Whenever we are working towards something in life it is natural for us to want it fast. What we need to understand deep in ourselves is that we will achieve what we are striving for if we will continue to work at it on a consistent basis. What we don’t know is how long it will take.

The more meaningful and significant things you aspire to in life will take the most endurance and patience and will be the most worth it.

We are all unique. Everyone has their own gifts, skills, personal life situations, life experiences, and is at their own unique place in their personal growth curve. This means that we can never measure ourselves against others when it comes to our pursuits. No two people are alike, yet all people are unique and special.We must compare ourselves only to ourselves. Since we are all different, comparison to another person is irrelevant. Even more importantly when we do compare ourselves to others we only tend to compare ourselves to those that we perceive are doing better than us. We don’t actually know that this is true because we don’t know where they are in their growth curve, so we cannot know if they are doing better.

Whatever we are working towards, if we are working consistently day by day, we will be better next week than we are today. We will be better in a month than we will be next week. And in six months we will be so much better than we are today that we wouldn’t recognize ourselves from today’s perspective. But this only happens from taking action in our pursuit. We cannot read every day about how to accomplish something yet not work at it, for we will get no better this way. We cannot join a gym, yet not workout, for we will not get better.

Work at your life pursuits every day, even if it is just a baby step, knowing that if you are patient with yourself and will give yourself the grace to grow, you will rise as high as you want in the time that you are supposed to.

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