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Bad stuff has been happening since the beginning of time.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of this. I know it may seem that there is more bad stuff  going on in the world these days. But that is probably not true. We all know that bad news seems to be THE news. Everywhere you turn you are reading or listening or watching some form of media tell you all the bad things happening in the world.

It can seem like there is more of it now than ever. But the reality is, that there are more channels of information now than ever. Twenty years ago, you didn’t have all the internet access you have now. Cell phones had not proliferated much, and everyone wasn’t walking around with a camera in their pocket! Most of the bad stuff that was going on, you didn’t even know about.

Limit the amount you let come into your brain!

Today you are crushed under the weight of all the information. So here’s an idea for you. Limit the amount you let come into your brain! I’m not saying you should stick your head in the sand. You should keep abreast of what is going on in the world. But you don’t have to inundate yourself. Make the healthy choice to reduce the amount of negativity that is coming at you by switching it off more often.

Don’t let the media dump their garbage into your head.

Instead, choose to search out the good stuff. There’s a lot of that too. You wouldn’t let someone dump their garbage can into your living room, so don’t let the media dump their garbage into your head. You have alot of good things to do in this life and that requires a positive attitude. You can choose to nurture a positive attitude and it will help you bear the right fruit.

So make sure each day that you put some positive things in your mind. Make sure each day that you laugh as much as possible (this is incredibly healthy for you too. Make sure each day, that you contribute a smile to someone else. These are the choices to make.

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