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If you’re Blaming, you’re not Leading.

Everyone is in an uproar because the deadline for across the board spending cuts in the U.S. Government budget is upon us. And what is the so-called leadership doing? Blaming.

Which is apparently what they do very well…

We have a significant lack of leadership  in the country right now. The system itself is not the problem, it is the hearts of the people in the system that is the problem. When you have people in a leadership position looking out for their own personal interest, instead of those they represent, you have bad news for the people.

The democrats blame the republicans, the republicans blame the democrats, and the President blames whoever is convenient at the time. Good leaders find a way to lead COLLABORATION to find the best solution for all…they don’t circumvent their duty to serve others by focusing on their own agenda.

The word SERVE seems to be the one that is being lost in the blame game. A leaders job is not to sit on top of the mountain and dictate what others are to do to please the leader. A leader’s job is to come off the mountain and help those who have placed their trust in the leader.

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