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Fill in your own Blank.

And fill it in as often as possible and for as many things as possible.

This is a simple technique I learned from the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks. It is a simple thing you can do, as often as you want, to freshen your current state of feeling.

You can utilize this technique to get clear on how you would like things to be in certain aspects of your life, and by allowing yourself to expect the possibility of what you finish this sentence with, you can have some of the feeling you would have in the occurrence.

We all should be working towards improvement in the areas of priority in life, why not take some time consistently and imagine the outcomes you want? You can choose to think positive or negative…its your choice…but given that it is a choice…why not think positive? Haven’t you been around people who are saying they want something to happen in their life and then in the next breath they are saying how it never will?

How foolish is that?

Imagine what you want, while you work towards it. Exhilarate in the possibility. Wouldn’t it be nice to be excited and enthusiastic all the time? Wouldn’t it be nice to be energized? Get the picture?


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