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If you don’t love your job, then let it be temporary.

I know a lot of people think that a job represents security. But seriously, is this true? Or is it just a holdover from an upbringing that drilled this into the skull?

As Helen Keller once said “security is mostly a superstition.” There is no security in an earthly life. How can there be when so much of what takes place is outside of your control? Things change in the blink of an eye.

A job is no more than an arrangement where you are allowed to exchange some of your time for some money. At any moment, any number of influences outside of your control can eliminate your job. Regardless of how good of a job it might be. Especially in today’s rapidly changing world where entire industries rise and fall in the space of a decade.

You are going to spend a large part of your healthy life working. Why not spend this time doing something you enjoy? Something that you are passionate about? Everything in life has its good stuff and its not so good stuff. Even a career you love will have aspects you don’t like and circumstances that aren’t fun from time to time….this is life in general so it only makes sense when applied to an endeavor.

A job is a means to an end. It is a source of money that provides a level of lifestyle. Again, if you love it great…but if you don’t, it should only be seen as a temporary means to an end while you work on the thing you enjoy that can ultimately take you out of the need for a job. This is one of the reasons I believe that everyone should be working on a home based income stream.

With the advances in technology, anyone can productively develop a path to their dream in a few hours of effort per week from home. If you have a job you don’t love, work it to pay your bills while you build your life with your own business in your off hours. At some point, if you are diligent and consistent, you can get into the position where you can leave the job you don’t like.

Its not rocket science. Its a simple, doable strategy for living the way you want. Heck, you might love your job but the income isn’t enough for you to do the things you like to do. The same principle applies. You aren’t stuck. You are only limited by your thinking and your willingness to take action.

While we are in a very uncertain world as it relates to jobs, we are also in a time of unlimited opportunity to develop something for yourself. 

If you think starting something of your own is too much of a risk, consider that your entire lifestyle is at risk everyday when someone else determines your paycheck. Everyday is a risk with a job. So why not take a risk on you?

Life is uncertain. You have today. Do what you love. Do what you want. Risk and live.



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