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The people that succeed in business, Need NO Bells and Whistles.

I am forever brainstorming with myself to create tools and systems which will help others to succeed. And I will continue to do this because I can’t help myself!

Having said this…the reality of it all is that the people who succeed in the network marketing industry don’t do it because of tools and systems. They just do it.

I have seen multi-million dollar organizations built without a single brochure. Without a single website.

Do these things help? Sure they do. But will they make someone successful? Absolutely not. All a good tool or system does, is help someone have the belief that they might be able to succeed. It might help them take the first step. MIGHT.

The big success comes from years of working diligently. This is a heart and  desire issue. Those are the true tools.

Talking to people about your product and your opportunity is what leads to success. Regardless of the system or the tool, it is still about having real conversations with real people. YOU need to be the best tool in your arsenal.

And the really cool thing is that you can be the best tool ever…it only takes a little practice!



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