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Where do you spend your time?

The answer to this can tell you many things. It could tell you what you consider important. It could tell you why you are happy or sad. It could tell you why you are successful or frustrated. It could tell you why you are rich or poor. It could tell you why your relationship is flourishing or floundering. It could tell you why you are fit or fat.

And if you will take a little of this time and analyze it, it will clearly tell you where you need to make changes.

This is where it becomes an issue. Most of us are so busy reacting day to day, that we don’t take a time out and assess what is really happening with our time. We all have 24 hours a day in which to design the life we want to live. The problem is when we leave out the design part.

The chances are good that if we are thriving in the things that matter in our life, then we are investing time in those areas. So of course, the converse is true also.

Take a step back today and think about the things that matter most to you. Then think about how you feel about the state of those things. If you like the state of something, let it be as it is for now. If you don’t like the state of something, analyze how much time you are truly investing in this aspect and how you are investing this time. Then think about what you can do to make a change. It doesn’t have to be a monumental shift.

In fact, a monumental shift won’t work for most people because it is too much too fast. Think about what little steps you can make and plan them into your life. And before you think; I don’t have extra time for it, consider the things that you are doing that don’t add any value to your life or help you in the things that are important, because this is where the time exists for you to make changes in what matters.

Remember, you have all the time there is. Now make a decision to invest it in what you really care about, and you will quickly see changes in the way you feel and the quality of the life you live.

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