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Having been in business for myself for almost 24 years, I have had to work through all kinds of situations and circumstances. Some of these I brought on myself through carelessness, neglect, poor choices, and ignorance. Others were thrust upon me by the inevitability of life…things like death, sickness of loved ones, changes in the environment in all corners of life, accidents, injuries, etc.

It has never been a question of whether or not there would be difficult times…it has only been a question of how would I respond. Sometimes I responded well and other times, not so well. BUT, I always responded. And that is the key. It is crucial that you continue forward regardless of what is happening around you if you are in pursuit of a worthy goal. Here is a wonderful perspective from one of may all time favorite mentors:

“We cannot use our current circumstances as an excuse for our failure to make measurable progress. When circumstances make progress difficult, this should be our signal to push harder, not to diminish our efforts.

“The difficulties we encounter serve a unique purpose. Difficulty tests the strength of our resolve. If our want to is strong enough, then we will be driven to seek solutions. As we invoke the power of creativity and intensify our efforts to conquer each new problem, we actually speed up our progress.

“Without challenges to capture our attention we may take twice as long to arrive at our objective. If the way is easy, we tend to drift along at a leisurly pace, content in the knowledge that success is within our grasp. If the way is fraught with obstacles, we will dig deeper within ourselves calling upon more ingenuity, more abilities and more strength than we even knew we possessed. Conquering these challenges leads to a new level of self-confidence that drives us further and faster toward our inevitable success.” -Jim Rohn

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