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Do You Ever put things off?

Of course you do! We all do.

The question is why do we put things off? Usually it is because we don’t feel like doing whatever it is, or we don’t want to do whatever it is, or we don’t think we have time to do whatever it is.

The unfortunate thing is, if it has any importance at all to us, we ARE going to have to do it at some point! AND, we still won’t feel like it, we still won’t want to, and we still will feel like we don’t have time.

And what’s worse is that usually, again this is only if its important…if its not important who cares anyway…usually whatever it is we put off is now harder.

There is a price to the delay. The longer the delay, the steeper the price.

The way to overcome this in general is to make a decision to be a “do it now person.”

Once you make this decision, then your entire life can fall into this principal. It won’t be natural at first…you’ll be tempted to put off becoming a “do it now person”:)

But if you make the decision and everyday in the morning you write down “Today I will be a do it now person” and you keep this where you can see it through out the day…you will make the change…and then you will see all kinds of cool stuff happen in your life.



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