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Do the Conditions Need to be perfect before you take action?

My good friend Tim and I just spent a full day fishing on Assawoman Bay (what a name, huh?) in Ocean City, MD. The conditions were not very good for our task. The winds were howling and it was cold. Not exactly what you hope for in May. We were out all day. We weren’t alone either. There were several other boats out braving the conditions.

However, if the weather had been nice, there would have been many many more fisherman on the bay. Those would be what I call “fair weather” fisherman. The “fair weather” guys don’t fish as often or catch as much over time, as the guys who fish regardless of the conditions.

This brings me to the point.

It’s rare in your life and/or your business that the conditions are perfect. But you must work anyway! The most successful people work through their challenges. They don’t stay home and wait for the conditions to get better.

The most successful people work through their challenges.

Life happens. There are times when the environment around you is difficult. When you have difficulties with important areas of life that affect your attention and energy. There are times when you personally have struggles emotionally and physically. You have to keep fishing.

You have to work through these times. This is a simple success secret. Successful people commit to doing their work and they do it continuously regardless of the conditions.

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