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How Many Books Have You Read in the Past 90 Days?

Books are a treasure trove that are readily available to all who exercise the discipline to go digging in them. They are the single most responsible tools for helping me realize many of my dreams in life and overcome many of my obstacles and weaknesses.

I once heard it said that whether someone can’t read or won’t read, the result is the same…a lack of knowledge. Knowledge can lead to power and confidence in all things. Of courser you will have to act on this knowledge for that to be so, but you’ve got to find the knowledge.

My reading formula started years ago…way back in 1990 when I began to dedicate 15 minutes a day reading things that could help me grow and develop myself. The results were so good I continued to do this, only I did more and more.

So what should you read? Anything that is development oriented is good. The Bible is the best people skills , leadership, and personal development book I know of, and then there are a plethora of other excellent authors. If you look back through my blog you will find tons of references to authors…read them!

Even novels are good to read. They are enjoyable yes, but they also expand your vocabulary and keep your mind working.

I read 75 to 100 books per year on average. I’m not saying you should read that much…that’s my preference. But when you see the question at the top of this page…to get where you want to go in life…there needs to be a number at least greater than zero in your answer!

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