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In all things of value, development is a Process.

Health and fitness, relationships, business success, gardening…it doesn’t matter what it is, reaching a higher level is always a process, not an event. Anyone can make there life better and their pursuits better if they will just grasp this fundamental truth.

Another fundamental truth, is that the more time to dedicate to the process of your desire, the faster you will move toward the result you aspire to. In my reading recently I came across John Maxwell’s “Law of Process.” This is his view on creating growth in anything and particularly in success and leadership:

1. There must be labor.

2. You have to stretch yourself.

3. There must be learning and knowledge.

4. You must stay focused (no drifting or distractions).

5. You must have accountability (growth accelerates when someone is watching).

6. You must use experience (growth builds on accumulated truths from the past).

7. You must consistently apply what you know.

8. You must work with a spirit of gratitude (for what you already have).

In my book “The Process” (Die Methode) I give a simple process for working to success in referral/network marketing, that applies to any pursuit, but these principles form Mr. Maxwell round things out perfectly. You can achieve whatever you want from wherever you start following these truths.

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