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What would you be doing with your time if money were no issue?

This is a question that we all need to ponder. The surface thing that jumps to mind is usually something leisure or fun related. Things like travel the world or sail or play golf all day or fill in the blank. But that’s not the true nature of this question.

You see, eventually this kind of stuff becomes mundane if you are doing it all the time. There is always a diminishing return on pleasure activities over time. We were not placed on this earth and blessed with our unique set of gifts to simply pursue pleasure. Pleasure is not fulfilling or meaningful in the big picture of making a difference. Don’t get me wrong…I like pleasure time and take it as often as I can…but I can’t take too much of it. I have to feel like I am doing something of meaning. Something of value. Something that honors the blessings God gave me. I feel most alive when I know I am making an impact or a difference in the lives of others.

There is no doubt in my mind, that if you think about this in a different way than the pure for fun stuff, you will come up with the things that are in your heart that you would truly like to pursue. The things that maybe have been pushed aside in your life because of work and other obligations. Of course the other things that get in the way are fear, self-doubt, and a host of other destructive “stinking-thinking” perspectives.

I know you have things you want to be doing that you aren’t. My question to you is “why not?” If its in your heart, you will have regret if you don’t take action. Life is short. You have no idea how old you are because you have no idea how long you will live. If you have five years to live, you are old…and if you have 30 to 50 years to live, you are young. But you don’t know do you? There is no guarantee. So whatever is in your heart, the thing you have been stuffing down and maybe saying to yourself “someday” or “when I retire” or “when I have more money,” just start doing it!

This is one of the really cool aspects of the Lifeplus business. For many, like myself, the health, personal development, lifestyle, freedom, family time, income potential, and the fulfillment of helping others in these areas is what we enjoy doing so we make a living this way. For others, the income vehicle is a means to an end to provide time and/or money to pursue the things they’d rather be doing. Either way, Lifeplus provides a risk-free avenue to create a better life that is easy to do and anyone can begin growing it in minimal time.

If you just begin and put a little time each day into whatever it is you want to do, you will find it will have huge impact in how you feel. You will be energized. You will feel happier. You will feel more fulfilled. You will be engaging your passion and you will see spill-over into every corner of your life.


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