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Same material different outcome?

I am connected to many people around the world through my Lifeplus business, blog, seminars, books, etc.  Its pretty cool to have this broad view of the human race. I understand that it is not completely broad as these are mostly people who live in developed nations and have, even in the worst conditions, a life that 80% of the rest of the world would give anything to have.

What everyone shares in the developed world, is the freedom to design and pursue the life they want. We can be just about anything we want to be, and do just about anything we want to do. Of course the degree of difficulty in achieving things will depend on what it is, but the bottom line is that whatever it is that YOU want to accomplish, I can promise you that many people who had more challenging circumstances than you have already done it.

The question then becomes: Why is it that of many people with similar desires, resources, and opportunities, some seem to accomplish so much more? Because they DO IT.

People that succeed don’t just think about their goals. They don’t just talk about their goals. They just do whatever they have to do, and they keep on doing it until they reach their goals.

People who succeed don’t lament what they don’t have, they work with what they do have.

People who succeed, don’t really need to be shown HOW to do something, because they have such a big WHY to do it that they figure out how.

People who succeed, make a decision to do…and then they do.


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