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Do you know what Doubt really is?

Simply a lack of faith. If you have faith in your gifts and blessings and are pursuing something that is in your heart, there won’t be any room for doubt. It’s a little bit like a positive thought and a negative thought…you can only have one at a time.

You can’t think negatively if you are thinking positively. So if you are leaning towards negative thinking, decide to think the opposite way and do what is necessary to make this happen. Pray, read, exercise, or just plain tell yourself to knock it off!

Do you know why cleansing the cells of your body is so important? Because if toxins are in your cells, there’s no room for the nutrients to get in. You have to get lots of fiber, and drink lots of water…this sucks out the bad stuff and opens the way for the good stuff to get in and make and/or keep you healthy.

So the point of these seemingly random associations is this…cleanse your mind as you cleanse your body. Get the bad stuff out and put the good stuff in. Remember God made you exactly the way you are supposed to be with all your wonderful gifts and blessings…there isn’t any reason to doubt…God was sure of you…so you can be too! If it’s in your heart, you CAN do it.

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