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What did you learn yesterday?

Do you ever stop to think about what it is you are learning? Everything, all the time, everywhere, is an opportunity to learn. We can learn from just about anyone too, if that is our mindset. Having said that, knowledge is useless if all we do is store it up and never use it.

The best kind of learning, is the learning we get from doing. When we learn through the course of action it sticks to us more and becomes a platform for us to reach higher. The more we learn from doing, the higher our platform becomes. The platform becomes our base of credibility and usually success.

Its not a coincidence that the most successful people I know in various fields of endeavor, tend to be the wisest and the ones who have DONE more than others in the same field. I can compare this for example, to someone who sits in a training session I do, appears to know just about everything I am teaching, yet has little success in the field. This is a person who learns about what to do, but does not do the doing!

Sometimes, the best thing we can learn, is the thing we actually already KNOW about. Because in hearing it again, we might be conscious of the fact that we aren’t doing it. This then stimulates us to act…finally!

We will never know it all. Ever.

In your pursuit of being better, also be conscious that what you already know is often the biggest challenge you have to learning. Our current level of knowledge is tiny compared to whats available to us, yet it can limit us if we are not aware that we will never know it all. Ever.

So today, think about what you are learning as you work. If you are learning from reading or instruction, immediately put this learning into action. This will help you to own the knowledge. If you want to become a master…do it do it do it, then find someone to teach it to.

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