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What are you sacrificing?

To succeed in anything of merit, sacrifices need to be made. The challenge is that if we don’t evaluate what is important to us, then we could sacrifice the WRONG things. For example….what is more important to you…your relationship with your loved ones or the television?

I hope that seems like a ridiculous question…but…

If you look at your time in the past week, outside of your success pursuit, whatever that may be, how much time did you spend in front of a television set in comparison to how much time did you spend in direct, undivided attention with your loved ones?

The answer will tell the story of what you are doing. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it or how you think about it…the loved ones don’t get what they need by your thinking or feeling.

This example could be anything…health, community involvement, etc….it’s simply a nudge to have you look at where your time goes, and make sure the things that are sacrificed in the pursuit of your goals are not the things that matter most.

So take a few minutes today and analyze where your time is going as it relates to what is truly important.

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