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It just dawned on me recently that I am beginning my 25th year of Home Business.

I am so thankful that despite the advice of those close to me, I pursued this instead of remaining in the job world. I am especially thankful that I found Lifeplus, which is one of the few companies that truly embodies my value system in a method of doing business. Helping other people to have a better life as the means to creating your income is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. It is not without frustrations and challenging times…all things of lasting value have those, but it is one of the greatest ways to derive an income I know of.

Through the fruits of this business I have been able spend more time with my children than most Fathers spend in two lifetimes. I was a part of everything they did and had all the experiences. I have been able to see and experience many cool places in the world and have relationships that span the globe as well. It has allowed me the freedom to explore many creative pursuits a may not have otherwise had time or energy for.

I remember when I first started way back in the late 1980s that the idea of earning an income from was foreign to most people. There were very few people in any community who were making a living in a home business. Of course today, you would have to be living with your head in the sand to not know the realities of home based commerce. Yet there are still many people who don’t realize how easy it is to create a home based income.

Its Easier Today Than Ever Before.

Years ago when I wanted to share information about my products or business, I either had to invest a great deal of time in physically meeting with someone or I had to spend a long time on the phone with someone to help them understand what was available. The alternative to that was to send information through the mail. It was very expensive and time intensive just to work with a few prospects per day. Phone bills were astronomical if you were calling long distance. Information mailing could be as much as $10-15 per package depending on what you were sending. Products had to be physically handled…you had to buy from a home-based company and then resell them. This also created a need for a great deal of paper work. But like anything else, you did what you had to do!

Today, I can press a button on my keyboard and send better information for free than I ever could have in the past. Even international calls now are much less than a domestic long distance call used to be. I never handle any product for a customer, and there is little to no paperwork involved. With a cell phone alone you can work from almost anywhere at little expense. Technology has changed the viability and possibility for everyone.

Years ago I used to say that anyone could succeed in a home business…and that was true…but it was based on the heart of someone. In other words, anyone with enough drive could do what they needed to do, regardless of how difficult it would be, if they wanted it bad enough. This is much truer today, because That principle still applies, but it is greatly enhanced by technology. Much less time, money, and knowledge is required to work effectively.

I have a pretty good understanding of economics. I’ve been saying for years that in the future, most everyone will have some sort of home-based income stream. It just makes too much sense not too. Your home is an economy. For stability alone it makes sense to have at least an additional income stream. Especially when it doesn’t need to demand financial investment and it reduces overall tax liability for your “home economy.”

A squirrel is smart enough to gather nuts when before it needs them.

The best time to create a home based income stream is when you don’t need it. Then you can go at your own pace without the pressure of financial needs. By investing 5-10 hours per week, you have an enjoyable pursuit that will grow into the best investment you ever made. I look forward to the next several years of continuing to help people enjoy the fruits of creating an income from home. If you would like any tips, feel free to ask…I don’t know everything, but I know enough to help.

And by the way, sleeping until you wake up, working in your gym shorts, and hanging out with the love of your life isn’t so bad either:-)



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