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This is from my Book The Process II (Die Methode II)

When I first got started, I was besieged with opinions from the people that mattered the most to me; my friends and family. I wish I could tell you that they were encouraging me to succeed and wishing me the best and asking if there was any way that they could help me achieve my goals. But I can’t. I was told how stupid I was for trying to build this type of business. That it didn’t work. That I was wasting my time. That I was throwing away my education. That it wasn’t a real business. And lots of other things that didn’t make me feel very good. I was already a person with a low opinion of myself, so this was hardly a good thing for my spirits. I was faced with a choice: I could believe what they were saying, or I could believe what I was saying. I chose me, and the rest is history as they say. As a result of my decision, I live a lifestyle that is very different from those who’s opinions I was subjected to.

Many people are going to tell you that you can’t do this, and that it won’t work. Some of these people will be well-meaning. They care about you and they don’t want to see you waste your time. But the truth is that they are ignorant. They don’t know about this, and therefore they don’t understand it. People are uncomfortable with what they don’t understand, and rather than take the time to investigate it fully before rendering an opinion, they simply give an opinion that is based on zero knowledge. This of course means their opinion is of no value. Others have grown comfortable with how you are and are afraid that if you succeed you will be different, and so therefore their discouraging comments are meant to keep you right where you are and where they are comfortable having you. This means they are simply looking out for themselves and not you. Are they going to take care of your future for you? No. They are focused on their own. Still others are simply pessimistic about life in general. The idea that it is possible to do, have, and be, more in life is not something they embrace, so they cannot possibly understand your pursuits for a higher quality of life, because they are resigned to a life of mediocrity and frustration.

The world of referral marketing is a mystery to those who have not explored it. They don’t realize that it is possible to live in a way where you can surround yourself with positive, encouraging, caring, and helpful people. They don’t realize that you can live in a way where you have complete control of your time, and are able to fully participate in all your relationships. They don’t realize that you can decide how much money you would like to have, and then work a simple process to create that income. And they definitely don’t understand the concept of passive-style income that allows you to continue to receive income every month, whether you work hard that month or not. Of course all of this takes time to develop, but it is your destiny if you work the process consistently.

So as you are diligently working in the process and you are inevitably faced with the negative opinions of others, remember this simple point; you can choose to believe them or you can choose to believe you. Believe you.

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