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In my morning reading this morning I came across this statement in the book The Magic Of Believing: “To great artists there was no such thing as a small part and to small artists there were no big parts.”

This was a reference to the mindset of a famous singer/actress who was not named…and that doesn’t really matter anyone because of the raw truth in these words.

This applies to all things in life. People who succeed don’t look at any job as meaningless. They look at everything as an opportunity to shine. They do the best they can, put there heart into each effort. Why?

Because it gets noticed…at least once, and likely more. When you do your best, whether its cleaning a toilet or giving a presentation, YOU notice it. You feel good about it. You get self-respect from it. You have the reward of knowing. You get the benefit of a better attitude and more confidence. This will affect everything you do and all interactions with others.

Of course others are likely to notice the effort you put in and remember it. Not every time, but often enough. When you do well in small things you are likely to be invited to do bigger things. This is a natural part of how trust develops with others, especially in the work place.

Some people make the mistake of saying “when its something important, then I do a great job, but who cares about the little stuff?” This would be a colossal mistake.

No task is unimportant when it comes to developing the habit of excellence, and laying the groundwork for success. Whatever you are doing, do the best you can.

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