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Some Excerpts from the Bestseller The China Study:

“If you are male in this country, the American Cancer Society says that you have a 47% chance of getting cancer. If you are female, you fare a little better, but you still have a whopping 38% lifetime chance of getting cancer. The rates at which we die from cancer are among the highest in the world, and it has been getting worse. Despite 30 years of  the massively funded War on Cancer, we have made little progress. Contrary to what many believe, cancer is not a natural event. Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent the majority of cancers in the United States….

“If nutrition were better understood, and prevention and natural treatments were more accepted in the medical community, we would not be pouring so many toxic, potentially lethal drugs into our bodies at the last stage of disease. We would not be frantically searching for new medicine that alleviates the symptoms but often does nothing to address the fundamental causes of our illnesses. We would not be spending our money developing, patenting, and commercializing “magic bullet” drugs that often cause additional health problems. The current system has not lived up to its promise. It is time to shift our thinking toward a broader perspective on health, one that includes a proper understanding of good nutrition. As I look back on what I’ve learned, I am appalled that the circumstances surrounding the way in which Americans die are often unnecessarily early, painful and costly.”-T. Colin Campbell, PhD & Thomas M. Campbell II, MD, The China Study

The research cited in the Cancer stats was as of 1998…it has continued to get worse statistically. The realities referred to are also more real today and worsening. It is a personal responsibility to take care of our health and it is much easier to do than most people realize. Here are a few tools you can use:



http://www.lpuonline.lifeplus.com/ Through this free resource you have access to a basic nutrition course (free) as well as Health Notes which is a massive online health database. Login: lifeplus  Password: Health

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