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This is a great things to be.

Allow me to explain. I saw these words in a book I was reading and the concept is…well, wonderful.

Imagine that you have extreme knowledge in a certain area. You are so knowledgeable that you consider yourself an expert. Now I think its a great thing to have expertise. It represents tons of time and experience and study and application, etc. Here’s the challenge…

One of the greatest obstacles to learning is what we already know!

So imagine, again, that you know a lot lot lot about a certain important topic. And someone suggests there might be some new information or a new way of looking at this topic that could maybe produce a better outcome than your current knowledge does…

How open are you? I hope you are wide open…but you might be reluctantly open…you might only even consider considering it if you have a high regard for the other person…

But you DO listen and investigate and you find out that  this person knew something that you didn’t and it was better than what you were doing…this leaves you wonderfully embarrassed!

Your a little embarrassed because you were so confident you knew it all and it turns out you didn’t…a tiny bit of egg on the face!

However, it’s wonderful because now you are even better than before!!!

Always be open to learning…no one knows it all.


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