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The Bill Board said Colon Cancer is not “too busy.”

I saw this last week as I was driving in Charleston, South Carolina. I thought to my self, “man, what a great message.”

Then I started to think about it on a broader scale…

Heart disease isn’t “too busy” either, neither is breast cancer or diabetes.

You can apply this clever little message to any aspect of your life. While you might think you are too busy to exercise or to shop for the right foods, or to buy the right supplements…remember, that each day you don’t do these basic things is a day you give whatever malady you are headed for an added boost. Because being too busy to take care of yourself is like saying you are BUSY NOT CARING FOR YOURSELF.

I’ll go a step further just to really drive the message home…you won’t be “too busy” for an emergency room visit. You won’t be “too busy” to take meds. You won’t be “too busy” to go to rehab or get chemotherapy or have surgery or lay in a bed…

You see when the health issue strikes…you no longer have choice. And when choice is gone, especially in the world of your personal health, your life will not be any fun anymore.

So if you are “too busy” make sure you are too busy doing the things that will allow you to stay busy well into old age.

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