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Are you ever thankful for your “naked” gifts?

You probably can’t answer that yet, because you are still wondering what a naked gift is!

What I mean is the blessings you came into this world with that have nothing to do with anything external. For example, your eyes, your ears, your nose, etc.

When was the last time you were thankful that you had the gift of sight? When was the last time you even considered that you HAVE sight? We just take it for granted. We wake up, we open our eyes, and poof…we see everything around us. Or do we? We probably really don’t see everything, because we take that for granted too.

We mostly wake up and think about what we don’t have. The stuff we want that we think will make our lives better. And I’m not saying that some of that stuff might not make our life a little better…but I believe most of us have no idea how good our lives are already (including me).

The past few nights I dreamed about running. Not running, like someone who goes out for a run as exercise…I mean running like when you just run as fast as you can and you have that wonderful few moments of feeling the air rush past your face. It was exhilarating.

Having just had my third knee surgery on my left knee, it has been several months since I have run even a few steps. Its not something I do often even when I am fully healthy….but at the moment, I don’t even have the option to do it if I want to.

And you know what? I never appreciated it when I could do it. I never woke up in the morning and smiled because I was blessed with two healthy legs. Maybe you think this is silly….but try pretending you can’t see or you can’t hear or you can’t smell…and then think about how much you really value these and all the other natural “naked” gifts you have.

We get all upset because we can’t have something that costs money that we might not have, when we already have gifts that are priceless that we don’t appreciate.

It really is the little things in life that are the best…and you have plenty of that. Yes, pursue the things you want in life, but appreciate what you have now. This makes the pursuit easier when you realize how blessed you already are.



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