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What is success to you?

When I am mentoring someone this is one of the first things I ask. Initially I will get some answer related to money or “things.” And that’s when the fun starts. Because from that point on we start exploring ideas and scenarios that expose money and things as SOMEONE  else’s definition or portrayal of success.

If you are only measuring success in terms of dollars, then that is the only measuring stick.

But life is about a lot more than money isn’t it?

Money is certainly important. It’s difficult to function in our society without it. I’ve had times in my life when I didn’t have much, and it was definitely challenging and limiting. So I am all for creating income and accumulating assets that provide well.

But SUCCESS in life is measured in many different ways, and needs to be viewed in the overall picture, or we will neglect areas of our lives that have just as much to do with having a successful life, in pursuit of whatever measuring stick we are using.

Someone who has achieved the pinnacle of their field,will be looked at by others as being a success. Ahhh, but sometimes you have to look under the hood to see the true measure of the shiny car. What if you were to find out that they had built their fortune on unethical practices, hurting others to reach the top? What if they were lonely, unhealthy, and miserable despite their wealth? Would they still be considered a success?

Make sure as you pursue excellence in your endeavors, that you are working towards your own, well thought out definition of success. How do you do this?

You simply take a deep look at what you value and what is important in life to you and you make sure that you are working on those things in unison with your pursuit. Then when you reach the top, it will be a place worth living on!

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