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If I grumble about complainers, does that make me a complainer?

We have a choice. We can focus on the good, the light, the positive, what we have….

Or we can focus on the opposite.

Regardless of what we choose, there will be times when we are the opposite…its just human nature. Some days, even the most positive people have low times. And, occasionally, even the most negative people can’t help themselves…and are positive!

Anyway…here’s the real message…what if you were conscious, all the time, about how your attitude affected the people around you?

Attitude and personal energy are contagious. They both affect the human environment around you. When you are negative, it spills onto other people like ink and stains then mentally for a bit. Conversely, if you spill positive and joy, it brightens things for others.

Which would you want to spill on others? Which would you want to be KNOWN for?

If we take responsibility for having a positive effect on each person we touch in a day, who knows how much residual goodwill could perpetuate from this. Make a person feel a little better and they’ll be kinder to the next person, who will be kinder to the next person and so on.

Be a positive light…be the spark.

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