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This is a great question to ponder because it forces us to consider a multitude of things.

Melanie and I fried our own brains last night as we pondered this question over dinner. Certainly  if we narrowed the question to the greatest in a category it would lead us readily to some options we could argue. For example, the greatest athlete, or the greatest musician, or the greatest scientist, etc.

But, the greatest living person in general is a highly subjective thing and has to consider the whole person and the body of impact on the world, as well as the value system of the viewer, and is especially difficult because they are still alive and thus their true impact in the world has yet to be determined.

Its easy also to say Mom or Dad or something akin to that…but let’s take that off the table.

I would love to read what you think, if you are willing to share it here.

So, I ask you…Who is the world’s greatest living person and why do you think so?

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