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The People I know who have achieved success (in what is irrelevant) all share ONE thing.

Can you guess what it is?

Let me give you a few hints:

It’s not overwhelming talent. Some are talented, but others, not so much.

It’s not extreme intelligence. Some are really smart, but most are of average intelligence.

It’s not a high level of education. Some DO have this, but some have LITTLE education.

It’s not a privileged upbringing. Very few statistically in the world enjoy this.

It’s not the best training. Some have no training at all.

It’s not luck. We all have opportunities and we all make choices.

It’s not a lack of struggle or obstacles. Everyone has those.

It’s not the best family, the best coaches, the most money, the best looking, the most outgoing, the most time, the best equipment, the best system, the best program, the best support…its none of these things.

Its not the best speaker, listener, planner, goal-setter….all good things…but, not it.

What do you think it is?


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