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Slow is only a problem if you are in a sprint race.

I know, I know…you want what you want and you want it now! Its human nature to want it now. Who wants to wait? But isn’t the old saying “Good things come to those that wait?”

I am someone who in general, doesn’t learn real fast. I have been a slow starter in most everything I have ever done. There’s no sense in psycho-analyzing why this is so…the key for me is just knowing it tends to be so.

What I have found in my life is that since it takes me a bit to “get it” that once I really do get it, I’ve got it! I have found that the things that took the longest to achieve or acquire, have been the sweetest once they have been reached. I have found that the growth and character development in the journey has been fruitful…obviously because a longer journey gives more time for this to happen, but also because patience is better developed.

Whatever you are doing, if it is important or valuable, its probably NOT going to happen fast. Don’t let that discourage you. Plod forward knowing that if you stay true to the fundamentals in working and learning, your success will happen. It is not “if” it will happen…it is only “when.”

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