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What’s the Key to accomplishing your goals?

The stuff that goes on between your ears.

My early days in business were a constant struggle in my head. Do I have what it takes? Will I succeed? What if it doesn’t work? and on and on and on.

The business model was proven. The products were proven. Other people succeeded. As a matter of fact all kinds of other people succeeded. So what was the issue?

Belief in myself.

So I began working on me while I worked on my business. I learned that I am not more special than anyone else. That I don’t do a lot of things as well as some people. But that didn’t matter. I also learned that I have my own special gifts and strengths. That I would find my own way by working on what God had blessed me with.

That is the secret. Being comfortable with the fact that we all have our own uniqueness. That while we aren’t more special than anyone else in general, we are special in that we are unique and have our own set of blessings that are indeed all we need to accomplish our pursuits.

From there it is only a matter of being disciplined to do the actions for success while we refine and develop ourselves to be the best we can be.

We don’t know our path. Our success won’t look like other’s because we aren’t them and they aren’t us. We will have to be patient and dedicated. we will have to face our fears and be uncomfortable. But we will win. because we are built to win.

We all have it. YOU have it.

Build yourself and your belief in you will grow. And your success will follow. Guaranteed.


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