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Yes, you can hear it, but more important is what it’s SAYING.

Usually when we get reminders that life can change in a heart beat, it is through something very trying. A sudden occurence like an accident or death or a diagnosis or anything else that shocks our system.

These are the kinds of things that bring us back into the understanding that nothing is permanent and that life should be appreciated every second because we have no idea what the next second holds.

At these times we get a clear understanding that many of the things that we worry about or that we struggle with are in fact, meaningless in the big scope of things. I have had several of these types of moments in my life. Some of my most memorable at this point, are my brother’s death, a recent car accident, and Melanie’s diagnosis.

When we are able to wake up each morning with the understanding that the new day is a gift, that we are blessed to have it and that we aren’t guaranteed anything after…well, it puts everything in its proper perspective. It affords us the ability to experience and enjoy all the day has to offer us…and if we can be present like this we will find that each day has all kinds of beauty and joy and learning.

Last week, a third of the tree in my driveway decided it was time to fall over. It happened in the blink of an eye. One minute the tree was fine, the next minute it is laying across my driveway. All I heard was the rustling of the leaves as it landed. No wind, no storm, no bolt of lightening. It was inexplicable.

Normally there is a car parked right where it fell. At this moment however there wasn’t. It could have easily fell on a car, or a person. But it didn’t. It was a beautifully harmless occurence…that was a gift.

You see what the tree was saying in essence was: “Remember life can change in the blink of an eye. Live each day with joy as if it is the only one you will get. Appreciate your blessings.”

Thank you Tree.



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