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How do you grow something?

With commitment, discipline, patience, nurturing, and step by step.

My neighbors Eric and Kelly have a phenomenal garden. Eric started it the first year they moved in (six or seven years ago) and each year he has added and expanded. It’s one of the nicest gardens outside of a farm I have ever seen. And thats saying something given my European travels and the propensity for gardens over there.

Melanie and I on the other hand tried a garden one year (many years ago). It was a disaster.

We have pretty much the same soil as Eric has. Yet his gardens are magnificent and we have NO garden. It’s rarely the soil in life…its the gardener…

You see, as with anything, in order to have a great garden you have to invest yourself in it. Eric works in and on his garden tirelessly. Sometimes he spends the entire weekend working the garden, and every night after work during the summer he is doing something in the garden. Commitment, discipline, patience, nurturing, and step by step.

He reaps tremendous benefits from his garden. The easiest thing to see is the copious amounts of fruits and vegetables. The unseen though is every bit as valuable. He gets to experience the satisfaction and fulfillment of working on a passion and experiencing the payoff of continued effort.

We all have gardens to work in. For some they are literally a garden and for others they might be an arena of business, or a toil in the gym or a pen and a paper. Whatever your garden just remember… Commitment, discipline, patience, nurturing, and step by step.

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