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Rarely is this the actual truth.

For most people, when they use this as a reason for not doing something, what they are truly saying is that they don’t CHOOSE to. I once heard a speaker say “You Could afford a Rolls Royce, you just might have to live in it!”

I understand this response when it relates to things, or travel or, anythings that is discressionary income oriented. Where I don’t understand this is when it comes to health.

Being in a business where we help people get, be, and stay healthy, using extraordinary products and lifestyle modifications, I get to see just how out of whack some people are when it comes to certain priorities. In this case their health. It blows my mind when someone says they can’t afford to use products or do specific things for their health.

I am always respectful to people so I don’t make them feel bad about it, but inside I am thinking…REALLY? You just don’t get it do you?

You have one body to live in…if you don’t take care of it…life will be horrible…and shorter! It is proven that people who eat better and get higher level of good nutrients greatly decrease their risk of serious illness….not to mention, that their every day life is substantially better.

When Melanie was going through treatment, one of her medications cost $15,000 per month…$15,000! That was just one! Once people’s health breaks they have to spend copious amounts of money per month just to be able to function and extend life…and their life stinks. They can’t really participate.

Good nutrients on the other hand are way less costly in terms of money when you understand the eventual cost of NOT investing in them. A few bucks a day? Maybe five bucks if you are really dedicated?

I spend more than that on maintaining my health…and as a result at 52 I am in way better health than many people much younger than me. I spend zero on meds and very seldom need to visit a doctor. Sure I have some issues…but most of them are from over use of my body…not under care!

It’s rarely a function of “afford”…it’s mostly a function of priorities…and when it comes to priorities, if personal health is not in the top two or three…someone really needs to visit the doctor….to get their head examined!

You can’t afford it? No no no…more like You can’t afford not to.


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