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Faith is Key to Moving past fear.

Yet, even those with the strongest of faith still have frequent human moments of fear and doubt. This is why I continue to promote the message of personal development, personal self-belief, and balance.

Here is a simple way that I help “free” myself practically from fear, such that I do what is in my heart to do and I take the risks that I want to take. If I am healthy and I have a wonderful relationship with the people in my life that matter most, I already have the most important things covered, and I have tremendous joy in my life.  And I have mountains of emotional energy to tackle the pursuits I care to.

Then I add this little wisdom from Jim Rohn…

“If we lost everything tomorrow, we could easily replace it all. Why? Because we acquired those things as a result of what we are. Assuming “what we are” has not changed, in time we will attract back into our lives everything we may have lost. The same applied knowledge, the same attitude, the same effort and the same plan will always produce the same results.”

Health, relationships, self-belief, faith in God…the ultimate platform to pursue anything.


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