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There is no amount of money that is worth losing your health.


About 18 months ago I was in Cleveland Ohio speaking at a wellness seminar sponsored by our leader in the Cleveland area, Linda Bogle. At the end of my portion of the presentation Linda had several people stand up and share their stories about how the Lifeplus products and the understanding of the wellness concepts I had just shared, had impacted their life. While I certainly enjoyed my portion of the event, my favorite part was seeing the emotion in the people who’s lives had already been changed.

One of the people who stood up to speak is a neat gentleman named Rich Duda. Rich is 82 years old. When he shared his age, I almost fell off of my chair. He is a living breathing example of how we can all be in the future. He is energetic, looks terrific, and has an enthusiasm for life. He has been using our products for 16 years, and the fruit of being proactive about his health was as evident as a sunrise.

The most impactful thing that came out of his mouth was “all my rich friends are dead.”

Rich was in no way saying that pursuing money or having money was a bad thing. He was merely saying that the people he knew who pursued money at the expense of their health…were no longer able to enjoy their money!

It’s not too difficult to prioritize the proper things once you understand the truth. If you have good health and sound relationships, you will actually be in a better position to pursue financial success. You will have more physical energy, more emotional energy, and a positive and abundant attitude.

When you pursue income OVER health and relationships, you are trading down. You are giving up something to get something else, that you would gladly give up to get the thing back that you sacrificed in the first place. Now how much sense does that make?

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