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Every now and then I like to drop you a few notable thoughts from my current reading. Here are some beauties from today:

“Give no  anxious thought to possible disasters, obstacles, panics, or unfavorable combinations of circumstances; it is time enough to meet such things when they present themselves before you in the immediate present, and you will find that every difficulty carries with it the wherewithal for its overcoming.”- Wallace Wattles

“I ask not for gold or garmenst or even opportunities equal to my ability; instead, guide me so that I may acquire ability equal to my opportunities.”- Og Mandino

“All of the great rewards in life are available to each of us, if we will discipline ourselves to walk through those early stages of growth without neglecting any of the disciplines.”-Jim Rohn

“As long as one marries, enters a career or has children to satisfy one’s parents or the expectations of anyone else, including society as a whole, the commitment by its very nature, will be a shallow one.”- M. Scott Peck

“A whisperer separates the best of friends”-Proverbs 16:28

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