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For the most part, we’re all exactly where we should be right now in life based on the choices we’ve made.

This can be a tough nut to swallow, but I can say for certain that the day I got clear about this (many many moons ago) was a very important day in my personal journey. Certainly when we were living under our parents roof as we grew up many choices were made for us. However once we left the nest, the choices have all been ours.

Yet, it’s easy to pretend we haven’t chose when we don’t like the result (we readily claim we chose when it’s all good!)…It’s easy to blame other people, unfair situations, and circumstances for where we are. Blaming is an excuse, it’s a credibility killer, and it serves as an anchor to keep us stuck. You can’t be responsible and blame at the same time.

 Blaming is a Credibility Killer

Excuses are easy to give, and mostly acceptable to others because they make them too. The truth is that things do go wrong in life. There are situations that affect us that are beyond our control. Things don’t always work out the way we’d like them to, in the time that we’d like them to. But the truth remains: It isn’t what happens to us in life that matters; it’s what we do about it that truly matters. We always have a choice in how we respond.

We always have a choice in how we respond.

We can’t always control the outcome of our actions but we can control our actions and the attitude we have when we’re taking them. Taking personal responsibility for where we are at this moment is empowering. Because if we are responsible for where we are now, then we can be responsible for where we go next!

So make the choice to develop the attitude of responsibility, and then cultivate a positive outlook. You are driving your ship, and you can go where you want to go, you just have to have a positive attitude when you are at the wheel.


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