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“I must practice the art of patience for nature acts never in haste.”-Og Mandino

But we want what we want and we want it now…don’t we? I think the development of patience is one of our biggest challenges in life.

Almost like a child…no matter how many times the lesson is drilled into our heads, we still stick out our inner bottom lip and grimace. Ironically, we have to have patience in developing patience!

We have all learned the hard way….short cuts usually aren’t…you can’t overcome years of poor decisions in a day or two…we can’t fix problems that have been with us forever with a magic solution…We KNOW this…

But its tempting to be sucked in to the promise of the quick fix.

I am happy to say, that I have been clean of quick fix fever for about a decade…to my knowledge that was the last time I made a really stupid maneuver in an effort to avoid having the need for patience.

Health, Business, and Relationships. These three pillars of a great life can never be short-cutted. As Og Mandino refers to in the passage in which I took above quote…an Olive tree takes a hundred years to create and an onion plant is old in nine weeks….such is the way, relatively with the things that matter.

If you take an onion plant approach to health or business or relationships…you will have hardship as this approach leads to castles made of sand.

Choose the olive tree. Build with strong roots. Build of rock. Build to last….sweat equity, consistent application, and patience….you can do that.

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