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Birgit is a dance teacher. She loves to teach people her unique style of dancing and has been doing it for years. Recently she was hit by a car while riding her bike and suffered substantial (not life threatening) injuries. She has many broken bones and will be unable to teach dance for a long time.

Given that Birgit is a single woman who is solely responsible for providing her income, you can imagine this will create a difficult time for her. I don’t know the aspects of this story that relate to insurance or disability income…but I do know that even if they are adequate (if at all) it takes quite a while for the funds to show up.

Fortunately for Birgit, she has a safety net. Several years ago, Birgit stepped out of her comfort zone and began a referral marketing venture from home to develop an additional income stream. She did not need money to do this, only a willingness to invest consistent energy, and to overcome some substantial personal issues with fear and confidence.

Over the years I have observed from afar, the strides she has made in her personal development and the how that has also coincided with growth in her part time income. This, by the way, is normal in all things…as the person grows their effectiveness and results grow…but thats a different lesson.

Now she is benefitting greatly from her investment in her self. This month she is unable to actively work, yet she will still recieve approximately the same income as the previous month, and perhaps a little more. Next month will be the same. For as long as she is laid up, she will still have her residual based income from her referral marketing business.

She built this safety nety when she didn’t need the income. The high wire walker doesn’t need a net until they fall…

There are lots of reasons people get involved in developing additional income streams, and since they are all personal they have merit. But to me, this is one of the key reasons…because you never know what can happen to a job, or to yourself personally.

Remember your home is an economy.


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