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Today my sweet daughter Allie hits the road to go back to College. That bittersweet moment officially ends my holiday season!

So now I turn my attention to 2014.  That means a little review of the past 12 months, cleaning and organizing, and goals and preparation.

I always take care of stuff like tax prep, and office re-organizing during the holiday season. Its a good time for me to get detail stuff out of the way. This allows me to have a clear mind and work space to jump into action as soon as January 2 hits.

Then I turn to  goal-setting. I have no problem admitting that I often don’t reach all my goals for the year. Last year was no exception to this. I hit some and I missed some.

I always set goals in what I call the Three Circles. These circles are work, health, and relationships. I know that to neglect any of the three is to ultimately wreak havoc on all three. I also know that without a goal and a measure of accountability in each of the circles, the one without the goal will be the one that is neglected.

In most cases I know that it is hard to be accountable for the end result (in a goal that involves any involvement of other people), so it is better to plan based on the actions that lead to an end result, or goal. So ultimately, while I have an end result goal for the year, I also have an action goal that is measureable and solely dependent on my actions to achieve. These are what I hold myself accountable for.

This way, when I look in the mirror I can have meaningful discussions with myself.

I said before that I don’t usually reach all my goals…but that doesn’t keep me from freshly setting new ones each year. Because the mere act of setting and pursuing goals leads me to accomplishing more, with more balance, than I would have otherwise.

I encourage you to take some time and set some meaningful goals for the coming year. If you need some guidance look at the posts I made on goals at the end of 2012.

As for me, my pursuit to help a million people will continue this year. My work year will be a blend of creation and production…with a little more weight on production than the prior few years. I will continue to blog regularly but my article style posts will be less frequent. So you may see one to two full blown posts and three “quotes or thoughts” type each week.

Thank you for following and sharing my blog this past year. My readership has grown dramatically and I owe this to you.

I wish you your most blessed year ever in 2014.

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